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on 1st May 2023 by Alex Nedumthuruthil

First and foremost, I thank God Almighty for his abundant blessings in our young Church’s journey of 5 years. The dream of having our own Church was not possible until Fr. Renny Kattel took the initiative to purchase something of our own.

It is my privilege and honor to be in awe of the growth of our Church Bulletin which is an integral part of the Church. We did achieve many things during our 5 years of growth, but publishing a Bulletin was a distant one due to the financial burden of the initial stage. Although it was not easy in the beginning, slowly but steadily by the voluntary service of a few dedicated personnel especially Fini Manthuruthil, we started to publish online from April 2020 to February 2022 for a total of 22 editions.

Later, on, under the guidance of the energetic and charismatic leadership of Fr. Bins Chethalil and my fellow Bulletin Editorial Board colleagues, we started to print the first hard copy in March 2022. We are working on the 34th Edition as of now. The printing cost of each Bulletin is being sponsored until now which is another remarkable blessing. I hope and believe that it will continue to grow further with many sponsors and contributors. Without doubt, our Bulletin is well designed and colorful, a cut above all others. It is of the highest quality with its colorful presentation, information, and activities of the church.

On behalf of myself and the entire community, I express my utmost gratitude to Bins Achan for his tireless work in collecting the materials. At the same time, I take this opportunity to thank my fellow Bulletin Editorial Board committee, Joby Thadathil, Jaimy Valiyanilam, Fini Manthuruthil and Jomy Chembanpara who took the initiative in printing and publishing. There are many contributors to the Bulletin through articles and other ways, thanks to all of them for their services.

I am blessed to be part of this great community; it is evident that each one is putting their talents and ideas for the successful growth of the Church.

I wish and pray with the blessings of Christ the King, let our Church grow stronger in faith and unity. God bless Christ the King Knanaya Catholic Parish.


Alex Nedumthuruthil

Alex Nedumthuruthil