Little Flower Mission League

on 1st May 2023 by Fini Manthuruthil

Cherupushpa Mission League (CML) also known as Little Flower Mission League (LFML) is a lay organization for children who wish to undertake missionary work of Jesus Christ. All catechism children in grades 4 - 10 are members of the mission league. As young kids under the process of faith formation, CML is a platform to practice what they learn in religious education classes.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45. Through CML, we are fostering the mission spirit and assisting the missionaries by means of Prayer, Man, Money, Vocation, Promotion and Personality Development.

New Jersey Christ The King Knanaya Catholic Church inaugurated the Little Flower Mission League in 2020 under the guidance of our pastor Fr. Bins Chethallil. Every year, new office bearers are elected followed by an oath taking ceremony, rally & flag hoisting. CML meetings are organized for the children to get together and to brainstorm on various missionary activities in addition to the Mission Sunday festivities. Kids eagerly participate and put forth their suggestions. Since the inception of CML in 2020, various activities have been conducted for our members to develop and improve their organizational and leadership skills and qualities.

Apart from celebrating World Mission Sunday every year, we introduced a variety of activities like Lenten challenge encouraging our kids to follow the 9 spiritual practices daily during the Lenten season, Rosary challenge encouraging our kids to participate in all 10days of the rosary, Prayer Stall inviting everyone to pray for missionaries around the world, Winter Blessing Bag for the homeless to raise a sense of caring & empathy among children to the needy people around us, Advent reflections for 25days to stay focused on the Lord, Hunger Hunt as a Lenten charity activity, Agricultural Fest, Bake Sale, Henna Booth, Game Booths etc. as various ways of fundraisers. Through these activities we are able to get an active participation of our kids and along with missionary work have an impact on their life and mind. I can proudly say that with each year, our kids have grown closer to God, been more thankful than ever and learned the motto of mission league through actual work.

St. Therese of Lisieux is one of the patron saints of the missions, not because she ever went anywhere, but because of her special love of the missions. Her devotion through small acts of charity was what she called “her little ways to heaven” St. Therese’s life reminds us that the small details of our lives are holy places and touchstones of God's grace. Her Little Way shows us that being a missionary disciple means doing little things with great love.

Pope Francis reminds us “that Jesus asked his disciples to pay attention to details. The little detail that wine was running out at a party. The little detail that one sheep was missing. The little detail of noticing the widow who offered her two small coins.”

My vision as a mentor is to create in our kids a missionary heart like the patroness saint thereby demonstrating faith, hope, and love in their daily actions and by serving society in all small ways possible. St. Therese did not neglect the little details, and neither did Jesus. We need to remember that we can find holiness in the little details of our lives when we attend to them with great love.


Fini Manthuruthil

Fini Manthuruthil