CCD – Church Etiquette

on 1st September 2023 by Juby Kizhakkepuram

As Catholics we believe that the Church is the House of God, to which He invites. all His children, where they may give thanks, prayers, and worship to their God, the Creator. Like any house to which one is invited, there is always some sort of basic etiquette, and God’s house is no different.

  • Be quiet while in church. Once you enter the sanctuary – it is not the time or place to visit with those around you.

  • There is a one-hour fasting discipline in the Catholic Church before receiving Holy Communion.

  • No Food and Drink in Church. The exceptions would be a drink for small children, water for the priest or choir (if discreet) and water for those who are ill. Bringing a snack into church is not appropriate.

  • Bless yourself with Holy Water from the fonts at the entrances as you are entering and leaving the church.

  • Don’t chew gum in church. It breaks your fast, it’s distracting, and it is considered impolite in a formal setting.

  • Show up at least five minutes early. Getting to Holy Qurbana early allows you to pray and prepare yourself better for Holy Qurbana.

  • Cell phones or other electronic media should never be used during Holy Qurbana for calls or texting.

  • When entering and leaving Church, genuflect toward the Tabernacle.

  • Unless due to medical reasons then sit, stand, and kneel when required.

Parents should discuss with their children proper etiquette in the church. Chewing gum, drinking of any liquids, and bringing any food or snacks are not allowed inside the church; the holiness of the place must be respected. Parents must insist that once inside the church, children should not talk with others, especially during Holy Qurbana. Parents should ensure that children go to restrooms, drinking water etc. before they come to Holy Qurbana. Children should be discouraged, to the extent possible, from going to bathrooms/water. breaks etc. during Holy Qurbana.