Men's Ministry

on 1st May 2023 by Joby Thadathil

Men’s Ministry is a transformational environment built on vital relationships that will bring positive changes in the church. It is all about spreading and celebrating the word of God among brothers. This ministry encourages men to be their best, promoting right action, responsibility and the fulfillment of duty in service of the highest Christian ideals.

“Effective Men’s Ministry is the process of developing relationships that become the platform for change”. Mission of the Men's Ministry is to intentionally reconcile men to God and each other. A Christian man needs to surround himself with trusted friends, who will be honest, transparent and offer brotherhood during times of struggle. Having these Christ-centered relationships are crucial for building and maintaining an effective Men’s Ministry.

Members grow stronger together when they are in relationship with one another and the ministry is very often an important part of the internal church community that brings the men in the parish together to lead the activities of the church through nurturing each other's gift in Christ.

Although the Men’s Ministry in Christ the King Knanaya Catholic Church of New Jersey was commenced in 2019, it is derived from Lay Ministry which had been playing a vital role for years since the establishment of Knanaya Mission in Tri-State area. Members have been enormously creative to coordinate and conduct fun-filled activities and events such as whale-watching cruise in Boston, day trip to Howe Caverns in NY, camping, organizing Mother’s Day celebration, fundraising to build the outdoor storage shed. In addition, Men’s ministry sponsored one of the feasts in the church and the most talented group of men did an amazing “Chendamelam” and they perform on special occasions within and out of CTK church. The amazing tug of war team keeps CTK proud with their many wins and keeps the entire parish engaged during picnics. Men volunteering as a team, called “Snehasena”, have been consistently cleaning the church, yard, mowing lawn and landscaping to keep our church beautiful.

Men’s Ministry has a framework of vital relationships within a masculine context and is guided by clear vision and goals such as righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, and gentleness. Members are committed to foster integrity and accountability to one another. Ministry creates momentum to engage the men and establish involvement in the fellowship under the strong leadership and guidance of our pastor, spiritual directors, trustees and other ministries.


Joby Thadathil

Joby Thadathil