St. Joesph Koodarayogam, Staten Island

By the intercession of our heavenly patron and by the blessing of our Christ the King, I feel privileged to write this article on behalf of the St. Joseph Koodarayogam on the special occasion of our 5th anniversary. We consider our Koodarayogam as an extension of our Church community. By staying close to the Church, we are able to flourish and bear fruit through faith.

Koodarayogam is a special gathering of our church community members uniting in prayers, discussions, socialization and sharing a meal under the leadership of our parish priest Fr. Bins Chethalil. We the St. Joseph is Koodarayogam, formerly known as Staten Island koodarayogam, was organized initially by the direction of Fr. Renny Kattel meets once a month eagerly welcomed by the participants and has grown to ten families. We chose St. Joseph as our Patron Saint under the spiritual direction of Fr. Bins Chethalil and celebrate our feast day on March 19. The goal of this Koodarayogam is to bring families in faith together, strengthening the bond between families as we grow closer to God. This is a strong foundation for our upcoming generations, as we model the way for our youth to place God at the forefront and come together as a community.

We are able to pass on our Knanaya traditions to the next generation that we have learned from our forefathers. These gatherings enable us to uphold the unity in Christ and the 5 year anniversary is a reminder to stay close to each other while we grow as a community. We are gifted with many young children in the koodarayogam and they are very active in Christmas Caroling, Rosary Month Celebrations and other social activities. We thank Christ the King for all the blessings showered upon us and we will continue to use our koodarayogam as a vehicle to bring our families and youth together.


Jaimon Nedumcheril

Jaimon Nedumcheril