St. Jude Koodarayogam, New Jersey (Center)

First of all thank God to be part of Christ the King Knanaya Catholic Church. Our St Jude Koodarayogam has played an important role in developing a strong Knanaya Catholic Community and Catholic Faith. Among all other koodarayogam of the parish, St. Jude koodarayogam is a small group but they are more active in the activities of the church.

During the time of Fr. Thomas Animootil we started as a mission to get together. When Fr. James Poganayil took charge in 2014 as a mission director; he selected Alex Nedumthuruthil as a Mission Coordinator of central NJ. Monthly prayers and social activities were started by Fr.Renny Kattel, serving as the mission director and Alex Nedumthuruthil continued as the Coordinater. During the period of Fr. Renny Kattel we changed the name to Central koodarayogam in September 15, 2019. God blessed us with a new Church in the name of Christ the King. In 2021 Fr. Bins Chethalil was appointed as a new pastor and we continued to gather once every two months and selected St. Jude to be our heavenly patron, renaming us to St.Jude Koodarayogam. As a part of our parish, we conducted and participated in many koodarayogam level activities especially Christmas Caroling, a great experience for all. Our koodarayogam took initiative to clean up our church once a month and got many prizes in koodarayogam competition.

After the long years of service as mission coordinator and koodarayogam president Alex Nedumthuruthil continued as Church PRO and Jose Kattapuram became koodarayogam coordinator. We thank Alex Nedumthuruthil for his dedicated service to our koodarayogam. St.Jude koodarayogam is comprised of 10 very active families which may be considered small in numbers but brings a lot of sweet moments during our gatherings.


Jose Kattapuram

Jose Kattapuram